Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Ring of Fire

Woke up at 5:30 am to observe the annular solar eclipse from one of the tallest buildings in Osaka, Japan. Unfortunately, so did thousands of other people so my boyfriend and I stayed on the ground to watch it. He bought us cool viewing glasses!
view from my viewing glasses because it was too dangerous to look right at it
clouds came during the moment when the moon blocked the sun and only  exposed the ring
shirt: zara, jeans: j brand, watch: chanel, bag: rebecca minkoff, jacket: topshop, shoes: Japanese brand (old)
Apparently this hasn't happened in Japan in over 900 years so I'm glad I woke up for it. But I experienced a huge culture shock shortly after when my boyfriend and I went on an adventure to find a restaurant that served pancakes for breakfast. Apparently, you can't eat pancakes whenever you like in countries besides America. Not even at 8 am in Japan! I will totally use this memory to justify my pancake over-consumption when I return to the States.


Lilli said...

nice photos and shirt!:) kisses!

Cassidy Lee said...

I love your shirt, the back is really nice!