Wednesday, July 25, 2012

A Midsummer's Night

long awaited post. i'm still new to blogging but i realize that its sooo easy to fall out of the habit of updating my blog. i'm going to start managing my post schedules so everyone can be sure to see a post around the same time every day or 2.
I'm quite goofy in person and it reflects in my photos; unfortunately. It's hard being serious when you're with your friends. Well, extensions are out now! It's waaaay too humid for it right now. These Chanel sandals I have grown to love way more than I thought I would. The metallic is so bright and unique but it looks great with practically everything. I'm so happy my boyfriend chose them for me. These pics were taken while walking around the outskirts of an urban area. 
Dress: Joy Rich, Bag: Rebecca Minkoff, Tote: Marc by Marc Jacobs, Sandals: Chanel, Watch: Chanel, Sunglasses: Victoria Beckham


Provocative Woman said...

Hey there!
Really nice blog :)

I love your dress it is perfect for summer and it looks amazing on you :) It's something i would wear also :)

Hope you can follow me back <3

Margarida Reis said...

beautiful printed dress! it looks so well on you!

My Scrambled Style said...

I love your dress. I like printed clothes. Your sandals are also cute.


carolina. said...

hi! Love your dress :)What do you think of following each other ? Hope we keep in touch


Kier Mellour said...

I think that is super cute! love the shoes!

With Love From Hollywood, Kier

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Silkybow said...

I love the print of the dress =]

Anonymous said...

Your Chanel sandals are very pretty! Summer finally reached Belgium, so I'm having trouble not forgetting to update my blog too.

XxX A.

Ricci-loveherlook said...

Love your blog concept!! Were following! Found you through IFB Forum.

Check out our blogs and follow too!


Anja Makivic said...

Hey, I found your blog through IFB Forum. I followed u just now on google Bloglovin.

Great blog btw!

I hope you will follow back

love A.

Allison said...

This is lovely -- great choice of outfit! Blogging is supposed to be fun, so you do it when it makes you happy and you feel inspired, darling <3