Thursday, August 30, 2012

Hidden Treasure

Koh Samet, Thailand is not as famous as its other islands such as Phuket, Phi Phi, Koh Samui (all of which I've visited before) but it is so beautiful that it was declared the National Park of Thailand because of its archipelago. For this reason I had to visit and I'm so glad that I did!

The best thing about this place is that there are so few people on this island. The prices here are the highest in all of Thailand and you have to pay to be on this island which discourages too much tourism.  The beach is well kept and so quiet. I truly loved it here! The atmosphere was so different from the rest of Thailand. I felt like time stood still and I could stay there in perfect peace forever. I even asked my boyfriend if we could retire there together! If you ever visit Thailand, I would still recommend the popular islands because they are also beautiful and full of culture and excitement. But if you want to relax and not have a care in the world, Koh Samet is the place to be. My beach cabin was amazing as well! Next time, I hope I'm there as a couple. This place is so romantic!
Wish I could teleport...

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Bodyguards in BANGKOK

Exactly 1 year after my first visit to Bangkok, I was back in this crazy place. Most places I think don't particularly fit its media representation but Bangkok is just the way you'd guess it would be... or MORE. That's probably why I love it here! The beautiful Lady Boys, the cheap cost of everything, the way everyone constantly smiles even while they are totally trying to scam you, and the openness. This is not really a place where people hold back. Especially not the foreigners who are visiting...
wine infused martini
the last thing I need.
the only healthy thing on the menu
Thai friends
Reunited with my good friend from University after about 5+ years!
the guy against the wall was my bodyguard. everyone I went, he went. including the bathroom! per my friend's request. However, considering I spent my entire week surrounded by men. They were all pretty much my bodyguards.
Michigan people in Thailand! 
I didn't really drink those!
Late nights, bad habits.  
Completely addicted after Day 1 so my friend bought me all of these. Chrysanthemum tea!


Monday, August 27, 2012

K.L. Finale

Visiting the Batu Caves, a cave inside of a mountain that can be reached after climbing a little less than 300 steps full of monkeys.
If you've ever watched National Geographic or a travel channel or something where they show people piercing their skin in very unique, painful places as an act of devotion... this is one of the places that you can come to see it. Happens once a year!
Next I went to Central Market which is a famous and historic shopping area of K.L.
My favorite animal in the World! I will be back to Malaysia so I can see them in their natural habitat.
Masks of indigenous tribes in Borneo.
There were hundreds of shops that looked just like this. Some filled with treasures, others not so much.
Then off to the shopping mall again because there is a shopping mall everywhere you turn in K.L.
Tea Paradise better known as TWG
Teas from little every place in the World. This menu only consists of tea and its front and back!
I was asked 3 times here if I would be dining alone. I guess its not common for girls to do that in Malaysia...
Picked up some goodies as souvenirs, not sure where else in the World this place exists... hopefully not everywhere lol.
New dream bag! Baby pink YSL
I loved this fountain. Very Malaysian.
And that was the end of my trip to Malaysia, from there I went to Thailand! Will begin that post tomorrow. I've heard a lot of mixed reviews from people who have traveled to Malaysia. I only traveled to Kuala Lumpur so I don't have much of an opinion besides:
1) I thought that the food was amazing! Although my friends thought otherwise...
2) I was paranoid because everyone kept warning me about pick pocketing and the airport had huge signs warning about human trafficking!!!!
3) I didn't tell anyone that I was American because the U.S. gov website warned about kidnappings of Americans by the Taliban there.
4) I felt extremely uncomfortable being alone and about my clothing because men kept staring at me... and not secretively either.
5) The reasons that I most wanted to visit Malaysia: Orangutans and Diving were left unfulfilled and the 4 days in K.L. were far too much. Nothing to really do besides eat and shop.

So, Malaysia.. I will be back!!

Thursday, August 23, 2012

K.L. Day 3

 lounging at the rooftop pool
 beer served from a tower
 breakfast buffet
 morning paper. very interesting phenomenon.
 lunch with new friends
 curry heaven
 pulled milk tea! So SO SOO good!!!
 NYC themed shopping mall
 central park
 wish i could come here everyday!!
 mango juice with mango pudding and mango chunks and mango jelly. clearly its my favorite fruit!
 hand and foot spa. 
mani pedi