Friday, October 19, 2012

Guns N Roses

Gimlet Blazer (Japanese brand), tee Bershka, denim ZARA, watch CHANEL, boots Jeffrey Campbell

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Friday, October 5, 2012

Shimmering Down

I wore this top which is very shimmery but hard to fully see through photos. This is my second time wearing it, the first time I wore it without a white tank underneath and as a crop top. I also dressed it up to play up the shimmer. 

I want to discuss something with my readers. What I will refer to in this post as my "shimmering down". Living in Japan, naturally has its challenges for any non-full Japanese person. Yes, even half- Japanese people have some challenges here. Naturally, my personality is very bubbly, friendly, and extroverted. I find that when I'm with my friends or people who already know me, and when we happen to come into contact with strangers; I am almost always the center of attention. Not because I'm trying to be, but because I obviously don't look like anyone else so people want to ask me questions (sometimes many) out of curiosity. Lately, even on this particular night, I tried to "shimmer down" my clothes, my personality; so I can attract less attention to myself. It didn't work this night and it never really seems too...

My best friends have been in my life for so many years that we are more like sisters than friends. But it is really a challenge making new girlfriends in Japan. I know its annoying being with me when people just want to ask me the same questions as if I'm some exotic animal in the zoo. I feel like that a lot here. The staring, the creepy men... I'm sure anyone who has been to a mono-ethnic country and looks different from that ethnicity can understand.

I had a lot of drama this night regardless of my efforts to attract less attention to myself. Point is, I can't change who I am and in no way do I want to! Whether I shimmer down or not, people will still see me as different. So, I might as well fully be myself.

My situation reminds me of the Gossip Girl episode when Blair tried to ruin her mom's fashion show by getting rid of all the models so Jenny convinced Serena and Poppy's friends to walk instead. I re-watched it to find the quote! 

Poppy: "I was best friends for years with a girl like Blair and, it was subtle, but I was always having to make myself less sparkly so that she wouldn't feel insecure. So one day I realized that is just crazy because a true friend would want you to be your most beautiful, vibrant self."
Serena: "But I really just don't want to hurt her."
Poppy: "I know, I know... but is that a good reason to hide your light?"

Has anyone else been in this situation??

H&M top, Free People tank, TopShop jeans, Zara heels, Rosebud (Japanese brand) clutch, 
Bershka necklace, Nastygal ring, Jacob & Co. watch

*Never dim your light*

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Christmas in October

Contemplating whether I should buy myself this dress for Christmas. I hate walking away from things and then constantly thinking about it after. Its a sure sign that I need it in my wardrobe. But when I wore this dress it felt like I was going to prom... Imagine the dress without the bra straps, of course. What do you think? Does this look too much like a prom dress? Or could I wear this to Christmas dinner?
Z Spoke by Zac Posen dress, Nicholas Kirkwood snakeskin pumps, Jacob & Co. watch

Monday, October 1, 2012

Love October

Quite possibly my favorite month. Short post today but determined to make more time for blogging starting this month. I'm so excited for what October has to bring! Has anyone decided their Halloween costume yet? I've already bought 2 and I'm eyeing 1 more!
H&M shirt dress, Balenciaga heels, Rosebud clutch, necklace, and bracelets (Japanese brand), 
Jacob & Co. watch