Saturday, February 2, 2013

Love Lanikai: Most Beautiful Beach in the World

These photos are being posted months late but I couldn't go without sharing. During my week-long vacation in Hawaii I visited Lanikai Beach which belongs to most lists among the top 5 of the most beautiful beaches in the World. 
I stayed at the Sheraton which offered free Ukulele lessons. I'm a super tourist!
(Free People dress)
I spent the morning with my little cousin who wore me out at the hotel's pool.
View from our hotel's balcony. That's Diamond Head.
Visited a power spot without knowing what kind of power it possessed. Later discovering it was for fertility.... I tried to rub the power off of me after finding out.
We're at Lanikai! Can you feel my excitement?
Very few people, lasting memories!
It's picturesque, itsn't it!?!
Tourists pose. I'm way off.
 (H&M swimsuit)
Lovers in Paradise.

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Caroline Topperman said...

How wonderful! Love it.