Thursday, February 27, 2014

Everything has Changed

I'm back after a ridiculously long hiatus from blogging. I was too busy traveling and working for so long that it seemed too forced, a hassle, to document all that has been going on... everything has changed.

I really love those nostalgic moments when you find yourself bored at home and you decide to look through all the pictures you've taken over time. I feel fortunate to be able to do this. To have so much to be grateful for and evidence of it. Which is why I'm back. I probably need to buy a new laptop because I've been watching way too much Walking Dead and House of Cards in the bath and now its making weird noises.

The noise made it hit me, like an alarm its time to wake up.. all of my memories in photographs might be lost forever if I entrust a computer to keep them for me. I need to print them, make photo albums, scrapbook and blog!

First things first, I went to Italy last summer with my boyfriend and came back ENGAGED!

Here comes a series of lengthy photo diaries from Italy, you've been warned!

Milan --> Venice